Chasing the sun

You are from Poland, how come you feel cold? Well, I just do. Australia could be associated with many things but what Australia is not being associated with is winter. Somehow we (okay, I) grow up thinking that in this part of world is endless summer. Of course, there are parts with tropical climate but, […]

Life in Sydney

I took a look at my phone today, accidentally noticing the date – July 25. Come on, seriously? Is it true that it’s been a month since I came over to Down Under and 3 weeks since I moved to Sydney? I scrolled down though my calendar and – yes! I’m celebrating my first month […]

Australian Note: first 48 hours

It’s little bit over 9 when I leave plane and make my first step on Australian ground. Still feeling a bit cold after intense AC in the aircraft but with my head up I’m marching towards Immigration Desks. First time in Australia?  Yes. Good luck then! – Immigration Officer smiles to me as she handles […]

Drama Queen

How it started. I began my journey to Australia. In order to get there I have to spend almost 48 hours traveling, including 24 hours up in the sky. I’m not even half way there and already had minor adventure. Since I’ve been waiting too long to get my tickets I was forced to buy […]