10 fascinating wedding customs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The air smells like roses and wine, people hold their hands and poor Toni Braxton is trying to get her heart unbroken for more than 2 decades (no luck yet). I figured it’s about time to go on virtual journey and explore some of the weirdest customs love related. Or, let’s be honest, rather marriage related.

As we are in the mood, surrounded by heart-shaped chocolates, romantic love songs and magic unicorns, fasten your seatbelt and let’s check out:

Top 10 of the weirdest wedding rituals from all over the world.

1. Kenya:

If you ever though that spitting on someone shows lack of respect, you may reconsider your point of view. As a matter of fact, among Maasai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania it is a way of blessing. It is a common practice for a man to spit on a newborn baby or to their hands before shaking it with the elder. During the wedding ceremony, the father of the bride is spitting on her head (and breasts) which actually means that he gives her his blessing. Now she’s ready to go. Oh, and one more thing: the bride won’t look back as she may turn into the stone.


2.  Mongolia:

The Daur people of China’s Inner Mongolia better paid more attention on biology class, otherwise they may have some troubles setting up the wedding date. The bride and the groom to be has to commit drastic actions and kill a specifically chosen baby chicken (plus, they have to do it together, with the same knife). After they gut it, they need to find the liver and based on its condition they are allowed (or not) to set the date. If the liver of the chicken is in bad condition, the couple must kill another animal. The entire process is repeated till the perfect liver is found.


3. Borneo:

Do you know this moment when you need to use the bathroom really badly? Like, RIGHT NOW or even better, 5 min ago. What if in situation like this I tell you that you can’t? What if I tell you that you’re gonna suffer like this for another 3 days? Trust me when I say that this is a part of the wedding celebration for people of Tidong community in Borneo. No kidding. The newlyweds are not allowed to use to bathroom for three entire days after the wedding. According to what is told, not practicing this ritual may lead to bad luck, broken marriage or death of their children. The couple is being kept in a room under the watch of guards, allowing small amount of food and drink.

Apparently this is what ‘and they lived happily, ever, after’ means in that part of the world.



4. Mauritania:

Dear Ladies and Gentleman’s, let’s face it. Everyone wants to look fabulous on their wedding day. Perspective of upcoming event could be better motivator for losing weight than New Year’s resolution (from past 10 years). Therefore many of brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be) decides to go on a strict diet and finally get this gym card in use.

Well, in Mauritania things are  s l i g h t l y  different as it is desired for a man to have chubby bride. Saying ‘chubby’ I meant: the bigger the better. According to beliefs, more kg for the bride equals wealthier life for her husband. As tempting as it sounds, be aware that sometime this pre-wedding practice leads to severe obesity which is not so healthy after all.



5. India:

People from India pay special attention to astrological compatibility. If a female is born “Manglik” (a person born in the presence of the condition when Mars in in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart) it is believed that she’s cursed and that there will be severe disharmony in relationship or even death of her husband.

But hey, if The Vampire Diaries has ever thought us something, it’s that there’s always a loophole. In this case it’s ceremony called Kumbh Vivah during which a bride-to-be has to marry peepal or banana tree first. After that the tree is destroyed and the curse is broken. Call it magic? Call it true.



6. Scotland:

In Scotland, mostly rural areas, there’s particularly nasty wedding custom performed, called the Blackening. The day before the ceremony, the bride and the groom are being ‘captured’ by friends and family and covered in variety of substances such as trash, including the particularly aromatic rotten eggs and fish, molasses, ash and feathers. Feel like wanna take shower immediately? No way! The couple has to have a walk around town. This ritual was once carried out to ward off the evil spirit but nowadays it goes more like: if you make it through, you will make it through the marriage. Way to do it, Scotland!



7. China:

“Stupid Cupid, you’re a real mean guy” that’s definitely the lyrics women from Yugur people in China can sing to their husbands. It’s related to one of the wedding tradition, when Mr Groom shoots three arrows (that have no arrowheads and will not hurt anyone) to his bride and then breaks the arrows and the bow during the wedding ceremony. According to their culture, this means they will love and live with each other forever.



8. Congo:

For those ones, who, like me, doesn’t take life too serious – I would’t recommend getting married in Congo. The bride and the groom are not allowed to smile. AT ALL! During the civil ceremony part, wedding, pictures. The couple have to put their poker face on and leave it for the entire celebration. Otherwise it shows that a person is not serious about the marriage. I mean, honestly… Has anyone ever been serious about it? 😉



9. Fulani Tribe:

In Western African countries live people from Fulani tribe. If two guys would like to marry the same woman that’s when the game begin. Fulani tribe performs the Sharo ceremony, so called test of manhood. Main idea behind it is to beat one another up. Fighting man have to be tough and suppress the pain. The one who won’t show sign of suffering can take the wife.



10. Jamaica:

A bride who’s getting ready for her big day better look flawless in Jamaica. Right before the wedding, she’s giving herself up for critique of villagers and guests. They are checking her out from head to toes and form their opinion based on her appearance. If the majority are critical – the bride has to run home and make herself pretty for the wedding.
How they say it? Go fab or go home?



As you can see, dear reader, some of these traditions go beyond what we can imagine. The beautiful truth about the world is, indeed, that every country has its custom. What is ‘disturbing’ and ‘weird’ for us it’s just the daily life in other parts of the world. It also works the other way around. Throwing bouquet and the chicken dance are only as ‘normal’ as we chose them to be.

So let’s go and travel and see the wold in order to push the boundaries of what’s normal and what’s weird.
Stay tuned!

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  1. Great post! Not having to use the bathroom for 3 days sounds easier than staying married LoL!

    1. Haha, will see about that! 🙂

  2. I hope those man in India after wedding does not end up the same as the trees… I mean, the fact that your wife quite literally burned down her previous marriage should rise some red flags!

    Interesting post, thank you.

    1. Hehe, so don’t be like a rooted tree when it comes to marriage. Show ur care and don’t just “be there”.

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