About Me

Dear Wanderer,

Welcome to the blog of a blond girl who loves penguins, palm trees and pineapples.
My favourite way of seeing the world are low-budget travels. I do it in a cheap way not because I have to, but because I chose to. Hitch-Hiking and Couchsurfing may be great way of saving money but the experience itself is what I value the most.

I travel with smile because I’m a happy person. I can be titled as a ‘hot mess’ by definition, with emphasis on ‘mess’ because I tend to lose my head sometimes. I also lose things like towel, flip flops to tooth paste – never lost mascara in my life.

You can hear me saying ‘hey, I’m blonde’ when I do something silly. Trust me, best excuse ever!

Now, let’s cut to the chase.

When did I catch the travel bug? Not really sure myself. This might have been 10 years ago when, together with my best friend, I went to Wales. While being there, I got truly fascinated by these green landscapes as well as by people wearing pyjamas some time past noon, at the grocery store.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Who cares, honestly. All that matters is that I remember one of these rainy days, all these years ago, when walking by the bay I though to myself ‘how cool this would be to live in another country?’
Today, I’m writing this post from my home in Riga, where I moved few weeks ago.

For past decade I’ve been living in few different countries, on 3 different continents, trying to blend into new culture and meeting all these inspiring people along the way.
I started this blog because I though that maybe some day I will be this person who can inspire another one to follow dreams and step out of the comfort zone.

… And also because I’ve noticed my friends are no longer asking “hey, how are you?” but “hey, where are you now?” when starting the sentence. Well, maybe it’s about the time to keep you all up-to-d

Dear Wanderer, if you are looking for proper english gramma and correct usage of interpunction – leave this page immediately – you won’t be experiencing
any of the above. I simply want to write about my adventures, current life as an ordinary employee in Latvia and future travel plans.

Stay tuned!