Christmas on the other side

December was always one of my favourite months of the year. Thick jackets, warm boots, hats and gloves; gingerbread lattes, christmas lights everywhere I look. My home always smelled like mandarines and cloves, my mom spending all evenings in the kitchen was a sign that Christmas is coming; my dad would always get angry trying to untangle fairy lights that – somehow – got tangled for past year; and finally me – I would always take lead on decorating Christmas tree, making sure half of candies, I was about to put on the spruce, always end up in my stomach.

Christmas itself, the ones I remember as a child, would be entire family gathering together on a Christmas Eve, my parents finding a way to drag me away from the Christmas tree for a minute or two, so ‘Santa Claus’ could drop off our gifts; Home Alone and Christmas Carol every year on the tv, as a part of unspoken tradition, but, what’s more, Christmas from my childhood memories would be mostly cold and snow and ice skating on frozen pond for fun.

This year, I’m walking down the streets and I do notice all these Christmas decoration but still… I can’t believe that December is almost over.

So how it’s actually feels like to spend Christmas when temperature outside is 30C+?

I’ll tell you.

It’s hot. So hot that taking shower gives you relief for only about 30 seconds after you dry yourself with a towel. Few moments later you feel sticky and sweaty again.

George Street, Sydney

What else?

Christmas songs. Apparently, whoever writes their lyrics don’t live in Australia.

My little guilty pleasure is putting on Christmas playlist right on the beginning of December. I’m fighting the cold, wrapped in warm jumper and even warmer jacket, with hat on my head and gloves on my hands, walking through the snow while Michael Buble is singing that ‘it beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ right into my ear.

This year I couldn’t force myself to listen Christmas songs even thou Christmas is right behind the corner. I tried but “oh baby, it’s cold outside” wasn’t exactly on the spot. I honestly wish that it would be cold(er) outside.

Probably that’s the reason why Aussies have their own version of “Jingle Bells”. Quite amusing, I must say.

Another thing that does not exactly create Christmas spirit is the scenery. Don’t get me wrong – I love beaches, sand, palm trees and people wearing summer clothes but this is simply wrong. Feels more like I’m stuck in the middle of summer with shirtless Santas doing pub crawl.

In Poland, our tradition is family dinner on Christmas Eve, 12 dishes on the table and Christmas carols being played somewhere in the background while we all spread good word to each other sharing opłatek. In Down Under it’s more of a Christmas midday barbecue dinner, followed by beach time and surfing with family. While in Europe you can enjoy touchy tv spots about white Christmas, on the other side of the World is more of a ‘let’s go to the beach beach, let’s go get away’.

Experiencing Christmas in totally opposite climate is something worth trying. Maybe some of you would actually enjoy this time of the year, sipping rum under a palm tree. As it is for me, it’s not so easy to forget about old habits and traditions.

In just few hours my family with seat together having a dinner. I just got back from work, fighting the heat all day, feeling anything but Christmas. I have very strong resolution that next year I will spend Christmas with my family, my boyfriend and everyone else I love. Meanwhile…

Merry Christmas!

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