Hellos and goodbyes.

Mom, dad, I’m back!

Home. After 10 months I came back to the place where I grew up, a place where my parents live. I came home only to leave in 3 days.

I threw my backpack in the corner. Sat down with my parents. My mom made tomato soup because she knows that’s my favourite. My dad sliced a cake. My cat was giving me suspicious look like she wanted to ask “is this really you?”. Oh dear, home sweet home.

It’s been tiring day. Riga – Warsaw, Warsaw – Wroclaw, Wroclaw – Legnica. These little aircrafts are definitely not my favourite ones as I could feel every single wind blow and it was shaking pretty bad. One flight was delayed and then it turned out that ‘we occurred some issues’ right before taking off, and at the end I almost missed my train. My backpack was heavier than I thought, I didn’t know that it’s so hot in Poland so my everything was sweating and I started to ask myself a question:

Girl, how will you survive in Australia?

But then I finally arrived home, heard friendly meowing before I even opened the door, my mom heated up tomato soup and dad put big slice of cheesecake right in front of me – I knew I’m back.

Three days

That’s how much time I have left till I fly to Australia. Meantime I have to go to dentist (damn!), shoe guy, get an insurance, hang out with parents and cat, and also catch up with my friends.

Somehow this time moving across the World feels different. I don’t yearn for it as much as I yearned for adventures in the past. I’m going because I can; because I know that not going would be stupid and some time in the future I would regret it. I just think that this time I’m doing it more to cross it of my bucket list than to feed my wanderlust.

This is the first time when part of me doesn’t want to leave, probably because for the first time I have a reason to stay. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind, bought tickets and fought really hard for this visa to give up now. I’m going!


Time at home slows down. On my first day back I already managed to do everything I wanted and as I finished, I looked at the clock and it was only 3 pm.

Walking around city centre I was careful bystander. I was looking at people: what they do, how they act, where they are rushing to. I was looking at buildings; places that used to be here but now they got replaced by something different. Every single time when I’m coming home from one of my voyages, I see changes. New shops, new buses, unknown faces. I remember when, years ago, it wasn’t possible to walk down the centre and not stumble upon at least one person I know. These days everyone is a stranger, only accept for few people who decided to settle down in this area.

Every single step on the way I see things that used to be places of interest a while back, but now they are nothing more than just memories and I smile to myself, because I see how much I’ve grown.

Legnica, Centre

It’s second day of being here. I’m chillin’ at home waiting for the storm to finally come. The air is very heavy, it stands still so I decide to put an end to my torture and turned on a fan. It’s so damn good to feel the breeze on my face. I looked out the window and see swallows flying very close to the ground – my grandpa used to tell me that it means it’s gonna rain. Dark clouds seem to confirm my theory. Good. This place can use some rain. It’s also good for me as I have very decent excuse to stay home and catch up with Australian literature I recently bought.

Books of Marek Tomalik, Julia Raczko and crew of Busem Przez Świat will make my evening great.

Ready to go

This is what I usually do right before departure. I read. I make notes, I dig through piles of National Geographic Traveler just to find things I may need, I’m also addicted from scrolling through Pinterest for places of interest. This time, thou, everything feels partially forced, almost like I’m trying to convince myself that it will be great, yet hoping that I won’t like it at all, and will go back to Europe. To N.

I know, that’s stupid.

I’m sure it will be awesome.

I have friends waiting in Cairns, I have friends from Poland and Latvian whom I already say goodbye, my mom still holds her tears and I’m working very hard to change my attitude.

Wish me luck,


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